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About Reotshepile Luxury Spa

On 7 September 2019, Reotshepile Luxury Spa was launched, named after my last born daughter, Reotshepile. During my last trimester of pregnancy with Reo, I felt exhausted and decided to treat myself and her older sister Rorisang to a spa day. However, we were turned down by a nearby spa that didn’t allow children of her age. Witnessing my daughter’s disappointment, I made a promise to her that we would one day have our own spa where we could enjoy as many pampering sessions as we wanted. This idea lingered in my mind and eventually became a reality.

Since a full luxury day spa was costly to open, I started with a small mobile spa, with the goal of opening a full luxury day spa in the future. My daughter and I agreed that the spa should be luxurious, with elegant white gowns and sophisticated amenities. I invested in state-of-the-art equipment to create a mobile spa that could be enjoyed in the comfort of our clients’ own homes, as our homes are our sanctuaries where we feel relaxed and at ease.

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